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Jack Versiani Holt

Jack Versiani Holt

The earliest mention of Mathon (village) was in the days of Ethelred the Unready (968-1016).

The current church building was erected in the eleventh century probably by the occupant of Church Farm and local people, since then it has had an interesting history and today the church remains an important part of village life.

In 2018 Mathon Church was delighted to commission photographer, film maker and communications connsultant Jack Versiani Holt (Holtography) to work with us to shape a project to provide an online audio visual tour of the church that explores its heritage, showcasing the church, and which would work on both smart-phones (aimed at those wishing to use the tour while visting and exploring the church) and also the bigger screens of laptop and desktop computers, and which is freely available to everyone. Jack provided the stunning architectural images included in the tour that truly captured some of the beauty of the building and contributes a lot to the telling of its story.

At the launch of the tour Jack said "With such history and intricate features, this project wasn’t without challenges, but that’s what made it so rewarding. To be able to tell the story of Mathon and open the church as a digital tour is truly exciting."

Since its launch the tour has proved very popular with both visitors to the church and those exploring online

Following on from the success of the Mathon church online tour a similar tour has also been produced for our neighbouring church in Storridge, and a guide can be accessed in the church for those visiting our neighbouring church in Cradley

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