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Mathon Church Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The Role of the PCC

The parochial church council (PCC) is the "executive committee" of a Church of England parish. It meets regularly through the year to conduct its business.

The PCC is made up of The Rector, the churchwardens and lectected representatives from those on the electoral roll of the parish.

The PCC is legally responsible for the financial management of the church parish, the maintenance of the churches and its grounds and, along side The rector, for promoting the mission of the church. In Mathon the PCC also runs a number of fund raising and social events for the parish each year.

In April, the Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting (formmaly called the AGM of the PCC) take place. All on the electoral roll are welcome to attend this meeting, to see the annual accounts and to hear reports covering the work of the PCC and the Church in the preceeding year.

Current Members of Mathon PCC

The following currently serve on Mathon PCC:

Revd Robert Ward (Rector)
Nick Walker (Lay Co-chair)
David McKerracher (Treasurer and Deanery Synod)
Karen Seymour (Health and Safety and churchwarden)
Sally Pugh (Electoral Roll Officer and Events Organiser)
David Armitage
June Cultler (safeguarding)

The secretary to the PCC is Paul Seymour.

From time to time others are invited to attend PCC meetings as 'guests' of the meeting to advice on specific agenda items or to report on the work of other church bodies (for example, The Local Ministry Group).

PCC Meeting Minutes

The Parochial Church Council publish the minutes of their meetings online along with a copy of the latest annual accounts.